We Stand with George #blacklivesmatter

Dear Ruby Sampson Partners, Customers and Affiliates:
I’m shaken and sadden by the death of yet another unarmed black man at the hands of police. I say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Rayshard Brooks loudly. Police brutality is one expression of systemic oppression and institutionalized racism. We stand with our black American men and women as you return to the workplace and fight for equal pay for equal work; save for the first down payment on your home and gracefully manage microaggressions in the face of your most basic daily routine. 
As a female, black-owned business we strive every day to bridge the inclusivity gap between hair care and fashion for women with natural hair. Our mission transcends any new collection, speaking engagement or sale transaction. 60% of our suppliers are fellow black-owned businesses and 99% of our suppliers are women-owned businesses. 
Each transaction of trust is reinvested in our supplies, our community and the livelihood of our team. While half of our collections are produced in our maternal country of Guyana, we employ fair trade practices with competitive pay and safe workplace standards.
At this time, we ask our community to further your support in the following ways:
  1. Buy from a black owned business. Why? Studies show a strong correlation between the increase  black entrepreneurship and decrease in youth crime rates (although we wish this extended to police brutality, unfortunately it does not). When you reinvest in a black owned business you invest in the accountability and growth of a community.
  2. Fund a black-owned business. There are several brands looking for funding and you can help! Did you know that while black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs we only receive 1% of VC funding? Black Girl Ventures is an excellent directory of black owned businesses in need of funding. Purchase a ticket to hear a woman pitch and you’re done!
  3. Go VOTE!! We need you this November  so please make sure to register to vote and let your voice be heard where it counts. 
We live #blacklivesmatter everyday and would like to take another moment to say thank you for your support during this tumultuous time. We stand with you. We stand with the families of George, Breonna, Ahmaud and Rayshard.